Metatronia Therapy

Metatronia Therapy is a healing system brought to mankind by Archangel Metatron and uses sacred geometric codings and universal healing energy/frequency to bring about profound healing. This is not just healing for the physical, emotional and mental body but your divine blueprint is scanned and also healed/realigned.


When receiving this healing you will begin to notice that many aspects of the self begin to alter, as your vibrational frequency is raised form the connection resulting in an amazing journey to your souls light. This healing will teach you much about yourself, and release you so that you can begin to resonate at a higher level, your conciousness is raised your inner soul lights brighter, your heart released


This healing system differs from other healing systems in the way that it connects to each person on a unique soul, individual level. Many shists will begin to be felt the moment you are in connection with Metatron. This is not just about physical healing this is about awakening your ascension, your transition and coming back full circle to the oneness and divine light within you.


To feel is to believe, to believe is to awaken, to awaken is to ascend. Transformation, reconnection, healing from source.


Some of the many benefits felt with Metatronia Therapy;


  • Reduced Pain/Inflamation

  • Healing the physical, emotional, mental, celestial and spiritual body

  • Healing the auric field

  • DNA/RNA restructuring/rejuvenation/transformation on a cellular level.

  • Emotional freedom and release

  • Release from trauma/negative behavioural patterns

  • Accelerated ascensio/Energy realignment/Light frequential codings

  • Raising of conciousness

  • Deeper connection and understanding


Artwork Kindly permitted by Charles Gilchrist